INXI Hardware Info Script

If you didn’t notice the header for this site is the output of “inxi -Fz” from the terminal on my Laptop. I have been using inxi for a while now to get hardware info on my computers. Some distros don’t have it preinstalled but it is real easy to install it.

Basically what INXI does is to give the output of commands like lshw or parts of lspci and dmidecode. Granted you can get insanely detailed info using something like dmidecode but using inxi you can get it in a nice human readable format. Depending on what options you use with inxi you can easily narrow your results down for what you need.

You can find the everything you need at the:

I made a forum posting with a screenshot at the Podnutz forums:

3 thoughts on “INXI Hardware Info Script

      1. trash80

        Nope, not kidding. Users like you spreading the word helps make software better. The bug reports from users make inxi stronger. Without users and bloggers like you, we’d have a handfull of users (mostly friends). Now, because of bloggers like you, inxi is in most every major Linux distro and is working its way into *BSD.

        This is why I thank every blogger, or vlogger (yep, someone has us on Youtube), personally, when I find them.


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