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XFCE4 Keyboard Shortcuts

General/Default XFCE4 Application Shortcuts

Application Keyboard Shortcut(s)
abiword Super+3
exo-open –launch FileManager XF86Explorer (Super+F)
exo-open –launch MailReader XF86Mail (Super+M)
exo-open –launch TerminalEmulator Ctrl+Alt+T (Super+T)
exo-open –launch WebBrowser XF86Homepage XF86WWWW (Super+W)
gmusicbrowser XF86Music (Super+1)
gnome-calculator XF86Calculator
gnumeric Super+4
mousepad Super+E
pidgin XF86Messenger (Super+2)
xfce4-appfinder Alt+F3 (Super+R)
xfce4-display-settings –minimal XF86Display (Super+P)
xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu Alt+F1
xfce4-popup-whiskermenu Ctrl+Escape
xfce4-screenshooter -f Print
xfce4-screenshooter -w Alt+Print
xflock4 Ctrl+Alt+Delete
xfrun4 Alt+F2
xkill Ctrl+Alt+Escape

Xfce 4 Window Manager Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Close window Alt + F4
Maximize window Alt + F5
Maximize vertically Alt + F6
Maximize horizontally Alt + F7
Hide window Alt + F8
Shade window Alt + F9
Stick window Alt + F10
Cycle windows focus Alt + Tab
Move window Ctrl + Shft + Alt + Arrow (up down left or right)
Resize window Shft + Alt + Arrow (up down left or right)
Raise window Shft + Alt + Page_Up
Lower window Shft + Alt + Page_Down
Toggle fullscreen Alt + F11
Next workspace Ctrl + Alt + Arrow right arrow
Previous workspace Ctrl + Alt + Arrow left
Add a workspace Alt + Insert
Delete a workspace Alt + Delete
Go to workspace number N (1-9) Ctrl + F(N)
Move the window to previous|next workspace Alt + Ctrl + Home|End
Move a window to workspace number N (1-9) Alt + Ctrl + keypad key number N
Start xfhelp4 Alt + F1
Start xfrun4 Alt + F2
Lock the screen Alt + Ctrl + Delete

Application/Default shortcuts pulled directly from the keyboard settings found in xfce 4.10 (Xubuntu 14.04)

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