Monthly Archives: April 2013

List Block Device Names

I wanted a simple list of my drives including attached usb drives. There are a number of ways to do it but I finally found the most direct simple command.

sudo blkid

You will get an output similar to below:

 /dev/sdc1: UUID="004A31DB4A31CDE2" LABEL="WinGamer" TYPE="ntfs"
 /dev/sdd1: LABEL="0DAY" UUID="9b14c03b-7251-434f-bbb9-eac42b2db927" TYPE="ext2"
 /dev/sdg5: LABEL="QFAT" UUID="4257-E346" TYPE="vfat"
 /dev/sdg6: LABEL="BACKUP-HDD" UUID="fee45c66-11bd-49fa-a62a-4a541716e8e1" TYPE="ext2"

Reference link: